anyone have hens not laying? heres an idea......

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    Jul 1, 2013
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    I made 10 of these... They are fake or nest box eggs there used to get your hens thinking about laying eggs and where to lay them! It saves you lots of money and if you want to be self sufficiant like me this is perfect! If they get broken so much that you cant use them you can repeat the process!
    put a hole in the egg on the pointy part of the egg and suck out fluid with a syringe or put a hole on each side and blow out the innards
    Boil parrafin wax(enough for all your eggs) i cant tell you how much to boil because eggs are different sizes. Once your wax is melted put your empty egg in an egg cup or something that has a fitted bottom so nothing leaks out for the people who put 2 holes in there egg. Find something to funnel it into the egg (i use hair coloring bottle tops and make the hole big enough to fit the bottle tip into it and use the tip as a funnel) and fill it completely with wax and take a paint brush or something and paint the shell with wax(it will be very hot so, if possible, reheat the wax and paint it when its cool).
    let cool completely before putting in nest box because liquid wax can harm a chickens organs the chickens may step on it and lay on it and the shell may crack but as long as it stays all together it should be fine to leave there! Hope it works for you!!
    do not put any dies or scents in the wax!!!!!!!!
    Dont bother if your hens peck there eggs or you feed them your egg shells because they may peck and destroy them
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    I have nest egg gourds growing in my front yard. They are perfect!
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    this is very interesting... didn't know that anything
    like this would work???

    Only about 10 of my hens are laying right now...

    there are about 23 possible layers.... I think that
    they are molting at the moment???

    They actually laid more eggs in the winter than
    they have all summer...

    maybe I need to put some of the fake eggs in?

    Thanks for the idea :)

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