Anyone have Orps in other colors than buff? (lets see some pictures!)

Mary Of Exeter

10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
Rowan County, NC
I just love Orpingtons but I'd also love to have some other colors in the flock without sacrficing the Orp type and personality. I've heard of some projects going on but would like to see everyone's pictures! I just love seeing others' birds
Even though the blues, blacks, and splashes are seeming to get pretty popular, you can show off those too!

Right now I've just got a few buffs, including my big boy Clyde, who is just the sweetest roo ever
Still need to get some pictures of him!
I've got Black copper orpingtons! I'll send you pictures when I get off work.
Oh! All the blues are so pretty! I love splashes too
But andalusian...has got to be my favorite color! In both pigeons and chickens, the color is just stunning. The lacing on the feathers makes it even better

Speckledhen, you're so close and yet so far! I wish I lived closer so I could possibly talk you into giving me some eggs, haha
I know, Mary. So much of NC is sooooo far away! Rareroo, I don't currently have any splashes. I just sold the only two I had to crazyhen in NC. I have one black hen, but she is finishing her molt. After my big blue turkey, Suede, has passed on, I won't be breeding them any longer, so I didnt keep any except my three blue hens and the Suedenator.

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