Anyone have problems with Ideal??


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Aug 10, 2008
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I ordered from Ideal Poultry 3 weeks ago and when my shipment arrived 2 weeks ago, I was about 13 chicks short and got too many of one kind and none of another. So I called and they said they'd re-ship the ones I was missing. Well...last week my shipment came and same thing...I didn't get any of the kind I'd actually ordered in the first place and basically a repeat of everything I'd gotten the first order.
I will call again tomorrow but I don't think I'll order from them again, too much of a hassel!
I've had a total of 4 orders from them and not once have they messed up my order. Sorry you're having so many problems. Are you stressing the breed they goofed on? What breeds did you get? Maybe they're out of it or something?
i had a great time with ideal, i got a herd of rirs a couple weeks ago,, but when i ordered my next batch they made me wait till the middle of oct. even though both breeds i picked said they were available the first of oct. < i ordered them breeds JUST because they were available,,, i sent an email to them asking to explain how they work that,, and even though im in texas,, i was surprised that it took a half a day to get to me
I'm pretty sure they are EE's. I looked at the pictures on My Pet Chicken and that is what they look like and their feathers on their wings are already starting to come in a bit and don't look anything like my 16 week RIR's. I thought I was wrong but the more the feathers come in the more I'm convinced they are EE's.

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