Anyone have started chicks for a beginner in Eureka, CA?

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    Mar 7, 2008
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    Hi! My sister lives in Eureka, California, and is looking for some chickens. She has never owned chickens before, and doesn't know anyone around town who has any. I think she would be better with started chicks, rather than day-olds. Is there anyone out there in Northern California that could help her out? She is only looking for 4-5, as she lives in an urban area with a small coop and small fenced in yard. I would send her some of my ever-growing flock, but I feel she's better off buying for someone local. If anyone could help, please PM or email me. She's looking for egg-layers, but has no particular preference toward color of bird/egg. Thanks!
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    Have her check craigslist, I go up there sometimes (my sister lives in Redway, we visit the area a bit) and I always look up whats for sale in the Farm and Garden section. I know there are several breeders with nice birds up there that sell on craigslist sometimes (they posted pics and the birds looked good) They even have their own Poultry Club - The Humboldt Poultry Fanciers Association - I went to the end of the show this year. Good Luck! Tina

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