Anyone heard of Excel brand poultry feed?


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Sep 23, 2014
Ketchikan, Alaska
I'm currently raising ducklings, just finished the first bag of starter and my normal store is out of Grower feed and won't be getting more. I live on an island, so I can't really leave and get it else where. I have some people looking into putting grower feed on the ferry to send it to me, but that'll be days and I'm out now. I'm planning on buying starter and cutting it with uncooked raw oats 25% to 75% chick starter.

Anyways, I called another place in town and they have a 50lb bag of Excel Chick Starter for $26, while trying to research this brand all I could find was that its a company in the Philippines. Has anyone ever heard of them, or used them?

My first bag of starter was from Scratch and Peck, which I prefer, but the only place that sells it charges $30 for a 25lb bag, and it has to be frozen before use because its got tiny, almost indivisible mites in it. If you don't freeze it and let it sit the entire surface of the food can be seen slightly moving, but the bugs are so small you cant see them individually. I stared at it for forever trying to decide if it was my breath moving the dust off the surface or if it was actually moving on its own.

So, has anyone used Excel, is the buggy S&P preferable, is there a better option I'm not considering?

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