Anyone in CA, Sacramento/Davis Hi-80 or Hi-50 see this coop!

Carpe DiHen

9 Years
Feb 4, 2010
El Dorado County, CA
I found this coop maker on They are so cute! Too small for me but the price is right and it is all home made. Great for silky or bantam back yarders! Would be great yard art. (I like my coop kit better for the size

As info!
I Have seen those on Craigs list before but are very small and look hard to clean. You could build one the same size for half the price.
watch this 10 minute video on you tube of this young girl building the cutest coop..... i'm going to try to build this one....

It must be the latest fad / cult.
We have people in our area advertising on CL with the same coops, and they offer dog house Taj Majals as well. The prices are higher here, very outrageous...but they include chicks for you!
Plywood and 2 x 4's are jsut not that expensive.

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