Anyone in Rhode island Going to be looking for ducklings? Come spring?

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    Hello there My name is Jill! [​IMG]
    Im not planning on hatching eggs intentionally with an incubator, this is not a planned "hatch" [​IMG]
    My Runner duck cricket is very broody (usually) [​IMG] , i love ducklings and dont have the heart sometimes to stop her from sitting on eggs. Im posting this because if i knew of potential FOREVER and good homes for ducklings, then i'd be more willing to allow her to hatch them knowing they have somewhere to go. Basically i cant keep more ducks than i have. [​IMG]
    These ducks are all runners, mixed colors and qualities
    Im not interested in anyone who isnt providing a forever home. [​IMG] Not to mention ducklings and ducks are not animals you just raise to get rid of because they arent cute any more (sorry to sound like a preacher to fellow BYC forum members, we all mainly know this... I just want to send my clear message to any potential owners before they reply, thankyou) [​IMG]
    The ducklings would have to be pick-up only if this was to all work out in natures course..
    Thanks for reading, please PM me or respond here! Im willing to give away the little fuzzballs, take a trade (not animals! haha, maybe a handmade item or duck related item?) or I'll accept a small fee.
    Fertile eggs will be available as well.. please check out my BYC page on more about my runner duck gang.
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