anyone in Tacoma? Interested in weekly coffee talks at the Spar?

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    Apr 18, 2010
    Hi! I am brand spankin new to the urban farm scene and have happily torn up my yard, re-purposed my car port, started eating local and have a small flock of chickens, quail, and ducks. I have a few rabbits for breeding meat for the dogs, cats and the boy-friend, and I have starting fishing. I am looking at redoing my house with a grey-water system, solar, wind, etc. In essence, I would love to live in the city off the grid, self-sustainable and healthy. This being said, I would love to start meeting up with like-minded people to chat, swap, help-out and shop. Anyone interested in setting up a weekly time for coffee at some nifty place in t-town? I am fond of the Spar, the Mandolin or the Rosewood. And since I know live on the south-side, if anyone knows a good place outside the proctor district, that would be awesome.

    Any takers??

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