Anyone in the damp south use 300+ lb range feeders?


10 Years
Jul 16, 2009
Cetral FL
I am wondering if anyone has used an extra large range feeder that holds 300+ lbs of feed in the south. I want one for our flock of 60 which would allow me to purchase and fill it with feed once a month. My husband is concerned the moisture would ruin the feed and/or maggotts & bugs issue would result. Any experience would be appreciated. I am trying to simplify on some of the chores and this is a large one. Right now I have 2 - 30 lb feeders I refill daily to keep them full at all times.
I wouldn't susgest it. I live in the north.. and it does get wet here but not damp. If it would take 1-2 weeks to eat it all i would say its fine but they are definately not moisture proof. My feed stayed pretty dry but sometimes I got a few meal worms in it. but if your worried about mosture definately don't risk the money. When the feed gets mosture in it it will stick and not flow out of the feeder and then start molding. Hope that helps.

My experience is form having 3 -300 pound feeders but I refill them once a week.
Thank you so much. I guess my DH wins this one. But I prefer healthy flock with more work then moldy food and ill flock.

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