Anyone incubating seramas right now?


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Mar 22, 2008
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I set eight serama eggs on the 28th. By the time i set them they were already almost a week old. So i didnt expect to much , they came wednesday and i kept them in the basement . I didnt set them until saturday noon time. I had bator issues and had to throw a heatcable on top. REally didnt think they would make it. But to my surprise seven out of eight are developing. One i thought it did, but i guess i candeled another egg twice or skipped, something. I am still confused about the incubation time is it 19 or 21? Or should i should for the golden middle of 20 days? What day should i stop turning? I figured 16 sounds good. I am happy i would end up with 2-3 pullets, Bs are okay and i really hope for a tiny cockerel. My next hatch will be showgirls . I really would have mini showgirls.
Oh and my two duth antam chicks are doing great. They were named by my kids Rambo and Theodore. I really hope they are both pulltes though. My DD wants to take THeo for her magicshow at the talent show in school. She wants to put her in one of those production pans.
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I have 5 Serama eggs due to start hatching tonight. I can't wait to get home to check the bator. I'm still at work!
You are having better luck than me. I set 31 in my genesis 1588 and only 6 are good at day 11!

I kindly kept the seller up to date, he said I would have to just buy more eggs from him.

Try to get a good vibe from egg sellers, there is a lot of garbage out there who have no problem ripping you off!
I have 27 eggs right now in the bator.The cool thing about it is that I also put mine in on the 28 of Feb.!The last time I candled (3/8/2009), all were fertile and looked healthy.I am so happy and excited!This is my third batch and my biggest so far My current batch consists of all serama eggs from my hens and some from a friend.I felt confident about doing a bigger hatch so hope it goes well.

My first batch I incubated 4 eggs to test my bator and all were fertile but just one didn`t hatch.In my second batch,I hatched out 2 out of 3.The third egg in the second batch was fertile but it died a few days before hatching.

About turning and hatching,TRUE serama bantams hatch on day 19.It does vary however ,with the temperature that you incubate with ,the humidity and conditions outside the bator.I stop turning mine at around day 16 or 17.My eggs usualy start to pip around day 19 and hatch on day 20 but I had 2 or 3 hatch and pip on day 19.So many conditions can be factors when starting to hatch.

I have even heard some breeders in my area stop turning at day 18 and they hatch between 19 to 21 days.

Well ,good luck with your eggs and keep us updated!
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