Anyone keep track of how many eggs they are getting each day?

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    Mar 24, 2013
    For the past couple months I decided to track my egg production from my 5 hens. I have one Easter Egger that gives light blue eggs, my ISA Browns give brown.

    I have a spreadsheet on the refrigerator that says the date and day of the week. I have a column for brown eggs and for blue.

    It's interesting keeping track of how many I'm getting. I'm wondering if there is anything else that might be good to track - that wouldn't be too hard to do. Maybe high and low temp for the day, or sunrise and sunset times (yet I would have to log on to the internet to find this out, so that might be a pain in the rear)

    Anyone else here track??? If so, what do you track???
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    I have a spread sheet and enter eggs per day, and calculate eggs per week, and when I buy mash/scratch so I know how much those eggs are costing me.

    The entries are dated so I can go back and look at temps and daylight if I want and I do add notes on when I started supplemental light and if something strange happens.

    If you do a search I know there are threads about other tracking and spreadsheets that folks have posted in the past.

    EDITED to Add: I don't keep track of which hen lays which egg...can't tell most of them, they are all mutts. But I have 5 layers and 3 pullets....just discovered one of the pullets is a rooster.
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    Oct 8, 2013
    I do. I have 9 girls, 4 of which are laying. I keep track on a standard month calendar that is posted to my fridge. Once all the girls are of laying age, it might be a little more difficult to keep track, but this is working for now. We just put the name/ID of the bird on the day that she lays. We usually get between one and four eggs per day depending on the hens cycle.

    Marans - every other day
    RIR - lay 4-5 consecutive days, rest 1, has been laying less than 1 month.
    Lt Brahma - lay 3-4 consecutive days, rest 1
    Dominique - just began to lay this week, so far 3 days in a row (whoop whoop!)

    We've got 2 other RIRs that are the same age as the one who is laying and they haven't started yet...but should someday soon, one other dominique who looks like her comb and wattles are starting to darken up, and two austrolorps that will hopefully lay before winter sets in.
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    I have a spread sheet on my computer that I keep track of egg production and after a while I could actually see a pattern in laying.

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