Anyone keeping a rooster in a no rooster zone?


9 Years
Mar 23, 2010
Livermore, California
I was wondering if anyone else is trying to keep a rooster in the city limits when we're not supposed to.....hee hee hee! I've had our 'surprise' rooster crowing for a month now. Not a peep out of the neighbors. I'm figuring it's Don't Ask Don't Tell at this point. We really want to keep him! Just wondering if many people try this....
I don't live in the city but I do live in a neighborhood and I have two roosters (a Serama and a Black Australop). My neighbors say the crowing doesn't bother them but I'm always worried someone will complain about them. There is a farm very close so I'm hoping no one really knows where it is coming from.
There is a post just above this one on, why do people break the law. Having chickens, how many chickens, and roosters in the city or neighborhood. I just said that I worry about someone down the street that has one crowing now. Hoping it doesn't put us in trouble, with the city saying, if one does it all will think it's chickens at all! I hope he gets rid of his roo.
I have 3 silkie roos that are just starting to crow. I am hoping that by the end of July I can take them out to my farm where it will be no problem. I just have to hold out for another month and a half!!
my little roo is only 2 mos old, we are going to 'feel things out' and see if we can't keep him. he is a BR and the sweetest thing since shortbread. we are in city limits, contraband roos, UNITE!!!!! good luck!!!!!
I have a sumatra rooster. With neighbors that love idea about chickens. But I live in a no chicken zone. Hopefully the rumors are true about the Sumatra roos not crowing unless they are taught by an adult. Everyone tells me they don't crow often and not as loud. Anybody out there testify?
We are waiting to see how it goes. If we get a letter than we will rehome. Luckily Ihave a neighbor who always keeps roosters. She told everyone she has been in that house for 20 years so she is "grandfathered in". No one questions. I talked to her this morning and she says this year she has 3 or more. So hope mine won't be noticed at all. Only worry the neighbor that lives between us will probably notice! Yikes. GOOD LUCK!
We're in an unincorporated zone. It's not apart of either city but no one seems to know the law concerning chickens here. Tried calling animal control, the police station, the sheriff station, the county courthouse, no one knows! I have a rooster thats been crowing like crazy thanks to a mockingbird that has learned to mimic predatory bird calls (especially owl screeches at 1 am). The neighbors haven't complained or said anything about them yet but considering the landlords daugher lives next door I figure I better jump the gun and get rid of him before someone complains (or we get evicted).
I have 4 adult rooster and 10 that are fixing to start crowing :p The 10 are for meat though haha. I'm not supposed to have any poultry
I'm currently trying to find a new home for my illegal roo, Pot Pie. I had hoped for the longest time that he was just a confused hen and would lay an egg soon, but there's no denying it now. He's about 3 months old and looks and acts more roo-like every day. I'm pretty sad to have to part with him, but I have a really great relationship with all of my neighbors and don't want to aggravate anybody.
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