Anyone know any good tricks???


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Jan 2, 2012
Deerfield, NH
Anyone know any good trics to get Muscovy to lay during the winter??? Got a flock of 9 - 2 Drakes and 7 Hens! None laying yet and should have started a while ago I think! They are 7 months old! I want babies hatched for spring!!!

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Yes they do have light! They eat egg layer plus, oyster shells, and grit! Also treats of course! Lots of water! Just not laying! I thought maybe because it was to cold so the light is a heat lamp! Nothing!
They may just be too young. Some ducks take longer to mature.
Mine are not laying yet and one was supposedly laying right before I got her. The others may just be too young at abot 7 & 5 months old.
I just got them on the 8th but the other people that had them said they were not laying there either! I also just realized this morning that those people were not feeding them very well though! At some point they must have fed them egg production plus because that was the bag they gave me but that was not wat was in there! In the Plus bag was nothing but corn, sunflower seeds, and oats! No grit! No oyster shells! I'm kinda ticked that they were so mistreated but very happy that they will never be again! Hopefully with the proper diet they will start soon!!
how long have u had them?

Since the 8th! Only 2 days but ducks that old should be laying I think and I am unfortunately the most impatient incubator addict on earth! I WANT EGGS SO BAD FROM THEM ALREADY!!!!!!!!!
Many duck breeds (most) stop laying in winter & are just starting to lay again end of this month & next. This winter has been pretty mild (re: CRAZY), so many flocks seem to be laying early (not mine).
If they were malnourished & recently moved I would expect it to be a few weeks before they are back on track, if they were laying before you got them. Seeing that they haven't been, I think you'll be in eggs soon.
I would worry if you don't have eggs by the end of February. Those Scovies will set anything, from what I know of them. Once they start laying you'll have more broodies than you know what to do with.
Good on you for bringing them to your house & getting them back on track to do their ducky thing.

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