Anyone know anything about the De Bruin Brothers Rabbit processors?


9 Years
Jul 20, 2010
Half Way, Missouri
I saw an ad on CL that some of the local people are trying to get them to do a pick up in Springfield, Mo if there are enough people interested. I just started raising rabbits, but I think it might be something I could really get into.

If not the DeBruin brothers do you have someone else that picks up your rabbits?
been there did that!!! if you dont have a lot to take you r better off just selling them local... rabbits are fun and pretty easy... but when you get a lot make sure they are organized and you keep track of everything to make it easy!!
Good Luck
You probably won't come across many people that sell to processors for a profit, since, unfortunately, there's not really much profit to be had unless one has a very large operation and buys tons of feed at a time at a great discount and lives near the processor.
Better run the figures. Around here, they pay $1 a pound and want them ready to butcher and they want them delivered.

I can't raise a rabbit up to butcher size for the $5 that they want to pay. Not with the price of feed and the gasoline to drive them out and deliver them.

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