Anyone know anything about the old Wards incubators?

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11 Years
Oct 9, 2008
Dutch Flat, CA
Are they worth anything? It's electric and still works, it's redwood, It's not a tall cabinet but more of a box on legs. Neat looking but not sure if I should get it.

Are they good bators? SHe said a hovobator turner would fit in it.

No I'm considering buying one.
From the research I have done on my Leahy Model 1200....Redwood was used exclusively for incubators back 35+ yrs. Redwood held the humidity and heat very well. Their is a commercial peafowl breeder....Legg Peafowl farms, who uses the Leahy exclusively because he gets a better hatch rate. I believe Leahy made Sears, who made Wards I don't know. Call Don @ Sunny Creek Farms Red Lake Falls, MN 218-253-2291 I'm going to restore/rebuild mine and perhaps put it on the market after I have one big hatch with it. My Leahy will manual turn 80 eggs at a time and yes-2 egg turner would fit in the tray.

These units are great incubators....Cadillac of the Past!

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