Anyone know bantams? And ducklings!


12 Years
Sep 4, 2007
So I guess I'm not that strong, I went to Atwoods today, I'm normally pretty good at resisting, but I was looking for some ducklings, one or two (I got 4). So anyway the 1st ben I came to was the bantams, they were so tiny and cute! One in particular caught my eye, so I desided if I ended up getting ducklings, I would come back and possibly get a few of the bantams for my mom (she has bantams and I have standard chickens). So anyway obviously they had ducklings, and a very nice selection! I ended up getting 4, I think I know what two are, a khaki Campbell and a Swedish Blue, but I'm not sure about the other two. I also ended up getting 4 bantams, they are so tiny and cute! No idea what any of them are, so here they are, give me your best guesses.

First the bantams!
This is the little cutie that caught my eye, hard to tell in the pic, but she looks pink! She's also the smallest of the bunch,




So now the ducklings,
I know not a great angle, this little one is the smallest of the ducklings,

And I just had to get this cute little crested duck!

So what are your expert opinions?
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all of your chicks look like oegbs to me, I would say the first is either silver or golden duckwing also (leaning more towards silver) and the second looks like BBR and the third looks like a quail oegb. not so sure about the fourth. I have no clue about the ducks, but they sure are cute
I also have two of the chicks you have in picture one and was told it might be a silverduck wing oegb - not sure on the other chicks

those ducklings are soooo cute - I love the little creasted fellow - I have an adult male creasted and I love those pompom heads LOL ( we named ours Frodoe because of his fro !! )

Can't help you on the duckies...

However I have a chick that is IDENTICAL to your #1 chick. I got it because I thought it was so neat looking! Mine is a week old now. I'll have to chase it out and take a new pic of it! It's getting lots of brown on it's wings. I am guessing it's a OEGB but just not sure what it is exactly yet.

Your chick #4 looks most defintely like a Silver Sebrite. I raised 25 of them last year and they all looked like yours.

Good Luck!
Thank you everyone for your help! I was afraid someone was say I had a runner duck.

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