Anyone Know If There Is A Minimum Legal Space Requirement For Dogs ?

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    Earlier in the week my mom bought my sister a Chihuahua puppy from a local dog breeder and today we took her back to get her third shots and I rode today and while we were there the guy showed us around his operation and Im not like an animal rights activist or anything but I was absolutly horrified when I saw how the dogs were kept, they were all small breed dogs kept in GAGES that were about 2x4 ft with at least 2 and I think I saw up to 5 dogs in some of the cages and I've just never seen that many dogs( he said he had 250 dogs all together) in such small places, they were all wire floors that they had to stand on and the cages were raised up on wheels were they could be rolled around to be cleaned and the place was fairly clean and the dogs looked healthy so I will give him that much, but you can be locked up in a jail cell 24-7 and I dont care how clean it is, you still arent going to have any quality of life. And the puppies he had for sale were kept in even smaller kennel crates that I would think you would only put a dog in while traveling but to expect them to live in it 24 7 ???? And these dogs are expected to breed and be productive in this small conditions, its like it can litterally be equated to the way commercial battery hens are kept. Thats just more than I can deal with and I'm wondering if there is any legal space requirements and if anything can be done to get them in more suitable living spaces. I can usually let stuff roll off and get over it but this has me really worked up. And the sad thing is that before they bought the puppy I was telling them to adopt and save a puppy from a pound and from being killed eventually and when we left the mans house we had a few arrands to run and the pound was beside one of the places that we went to so we when in and looked and those dogs were kept about 2 dogs in a kennels that were about 8x10 which would probably seem like paradise compared to what that breeders dogs were living in. So it seems like the pound dogs were the lucky ones, at least they have bigger pens while they are there and in a way it would be better that they do get put down verses that breeders dogs having to live their whole lives in those cages. So in a way I'm glad that she saved the puppy from the breeders small cages but I still hate that she paid for it and supported his opperation and its just sad that someone would keep them like that just to make money off of them.

    So anyway I just needed to vent as this is the first dog breeders facility I have experienced and its may just be news to me but I certainly hope that this isnt the normal way that all breeders keep their dogs, but like I said I wanted to rant a little about that and see if there is any laws that are being broken there and anything that could be done about it. He was talking about the certification and all that he had to get to be able to do it but I just cant imagine it being legal.

    Thanks for reading
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    Nope, no laws being broken as far as I know. I like to have my dogs where they have room to run but its not the law. Shelter, food, water, medical an being clean is all the law covers.
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    No its not normal, what you saw was a classic puppy mill. While it may not be illegal the way he maintains his dogs space, he might be breaking other laws regarding sanitation or medical needs of the dogs. Sorry you had to see this but its reality for a lot of dogs, especially small breeds can be easily kept in puppy mills. [​IMG]
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    Yep, that guy's not a breeder. He's running a puppy mill!

    Most of the breeders I am friends with have royally spoiled dogs. Some may live in outside kennels, but they are kept in extremely manageable numbers and more money is spent on health tests, showing expenses, and breed papers than they actually make on the puppies themselves. That is what I consider a breeder. Someone who cares about the quality of the animals and their futures rather than the money they make off of them!
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    [​IMG] I'd have HATED to see that....
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    If he has that many dogs, he's not breeding them for the improvement of the breed. He's just churning them out as fast as they can be bred. Especially with small dog breeds, I've found that if a dog is relatively cheap, there is a reason. We recently bought a puppy and I found some for as little as 200.00. We ended up paying...well, we paid A LOT more. A reputable breeder may charge more, but most of that money is what they've INVESTED.
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    It sounds like what's called a puppy mill.

    And yes, they get shut down all the time, in many states of the US, Canada, and other countries as well.

    You can call Animal Control of the county the puppy mill is in, and they will send someone out to investigate the property.

    Generally, where you see very small cages with many dogs crowded in, there are a lot of other problems as well. The cages are dirty with dog feces, the dog's fur is so matted they can't walk, injuries and diseases are not properly treated.

    Also to have a lot of dogs, they need a kennel license, in most states - they may not have bothered to get that.

    So generally, the crowding means a lot of other things are probably also wrong. So just call.

    The Animal Control in that county may not be able to do anything today, say, if the people hear they are coming and hastily clean up the place. But it starts that history and eventually if the place is bad they will be shut down.

    Sometimes progress is slow and you just kind of very patiently and persistently, chip away at a problem, little by little. Government agencies sometimes seem very slow to take action. You get to know how to deal with them with practice.

    But if you call and make a report, in most states, they are required to make a call on the place.

    Be very patient and polite on the phone with Animal Control. Sometimes it takes time and they don't immediately jump in and close a place down.

    But your job, is to let them know your concerns in a very polite, calm way. Then within their rules they will do what they can.
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    I can see one thing that may have been illegal depending on your state laws. You said you took the puppy back after you purchased it for shots. In my state you are not allowed to give vaccinations to dogs owned by other people without a veterinary license. People have been arrested for doing that.
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    Oh I missed that! Good catch!!!

    And very true.
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    You can also check with your states department of agriculture. Many of them do have minimum space requirements. It does vary widely by state though. I agree with others that it sounds like a puppy mill. Report it to the department of ag and see what they say. Poor dogs. [​IMG] I can't stand puppy mills or irresponsible byb's.

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