Anyone know what breed these chicks are?


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9 Years
Dec 4, 2010
We got some chicks a few weeks ago but don't know what they are. They are supposed to be good layers. Does anyone know what they are? Click on the images:

Thanks for any help.
Pics are way small even when enlarged so hard to tell
Black ones could be Australorps, black sex-links or black Giants
Browns could be brown leghorn or partridge rock
the pictures are too small to tell
The ones with the black stripes on their backs and the eyes that look like chipmuncks or eyeliner are 100% Easter Eggers. That's my opinion anyways. AND I think the black ones are Australorps.
Most EE's have green or slate legs. The one I see appears to have yellow or white legs. Also there are a lot of breeds out there that start off with chipmunk stripes. (Not saying they aren't EE's, but there are lot's of possibilities). I would have to see if they have muffs to say for sure.

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