Anyone know what they might look like?

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    I am trying incubating (first attempt ever).

    Anyone have pics of what mixes might look like if they are:

    white+buff silkie
    white or buff silkie+wcb polish
    sultan+wcb polish
    white or buff silkie+sultan

    Rouen (f) + black swede (m)

    Do the chicks end up both weird mixes and with some resembling a parent? Do white+buff = off white??? Or some white, some buff, and some polka dotted??? Or something else entirely???

    Also, another question- the duck eggs I have candled at day 5.5 only the ones from the Rouen female are showing veins, but not from the runner/pekin females. Does the Swede drake have something against the r/p gals??? I guess I am asking if he "took to" the Rouen and the pure-bred Pekin, but didn't find a love connection with the r/p mixes. Make sense?

    I just thought I would toss the questions out and see what ya'll have to say about it. And it helps me to pass the time waiting, waiting, waiting for eggs to hatch. [​IMG]

    So far at day 5.5 (last night) candling:
    Chicken eggs- 21 set, 2 definate (woo-hoo), 5 more maybes, and the rest I am clueless
    Duck eggs- 9 set, 4 Rouen/Swede veining, 5 r/p/s nadda yet
    Sebbie eggs-5 set- nuttin yet


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