Anyone make smaller coops out of old rabbit hutches?

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    Oct 1, 2009
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    I live in southern CA, my bantam Silkies are all kept in a 12'x48' run Thats fully covered. My chickens only use the coops for sleeping in. I have 2 old rabbit hutches and one large dog crate that everyone sleeps in. I would like to make my rabbit hutches look more coopy? lol if thats a word. So I was wondering if anyone had pictures of coops they have made out rabbit hutches?
  2. joletabey

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    I don't have a picture because mine is so ratty I am ashamed of it. I have two BBS Orp pullets that sleep there now till their big coop is finished- but I put a wood floor on the bottom, and closed off half the front, which had been two screen doors. Mine is not up on legs since it is a temp house, but I shouldn't think you would have to do too much to it. Hopefully someone with pics will come along!
  3. This is funny - I just found my rabbit a new home and immediate have started to work on re-making it into a chicken coop for part of my bantam flock. I just tore it down at the moment - all the chicken wire off of it - and took out the partition boards - and so its just a frame right now - except one side I've got a board up - lol. Hopefully tomorrow evening I will have a good bit more done when I go get another box of screws and some hinges - I plan to get atleast halfway done if I can tomorrow. I'll take pictures in the AM and PM tomorrow for you to see!
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    Oct 1, 2009
    Shadow Hills, CA
    oooo keep me posted on what you end up doing with it! [​IMG]
  5. I'm thinking about re-covering it with some heavy duty shelving boards we'd bought to put in our shed but wound up not - so they've just been sitting around....Going to cover it with them, leave 6" at the to of 3 sides of the coop - sides and back, and cover with hardware cloth - and this will be my ventilation + the front door which I'm hoping to make a drop down door that will be the ramp (I cut the hutch down so it stands roughly 20" off the ground now) and having the rest of the front (it had had 2 doors on each end of the front) which taking into account the door/ramp will be 2/3 the length and making it drop down as well so it will be easy for me to get in, rake it out and clean when needed - also will allow really hot days to fully open the front side up to air out the coop better - like my existing one does - the whole back of the coop drops on it and it seems to make a world of difference on the 100 degree days we've had this summer.

    I'll definately take pics in the morning so you can see what the frame looks like. I'm less than impressed with it and may find an issue along the way and have to re-do my plans but oh well - I was given the hutch 2 years ago by a friend who built it for me so I can't complain - lol.
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    Okay, here your pictures are actually in the thread. Very pretty coop and pen, but you need to cover the top of the pen to keep out predators.
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    Jul 13, 2010
    yeah, thanks for that, I just finished with the hardware cloth 2 days ago....I'm working on a peaked roof with a ridge beam, and a screened door. I think I might sandwich hardware cloth in between 5/16 slats so my grandchilren don't snag their fingers on rough edges...I've got so many bruises and cuts on my arms and legs and bumps on my I drilled my finger.....yikes that hurt.....Construction is a dangerous business....I have coyotes and racoons and skunks here so I completely wrapped the bottom of the run with hardware cloth too...I built a temporary coop when my chicks were small. I'm hoping 2 weeks until completion....Thanks for posting the pics... You guys are very helpful.
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    i have an old hutch that we bought off someone for $30 is holds 6 full grown chickens. but i use it to hold my rooster and chicks. I leave 1 cage empty for ER. i love it.

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