Anyone move out of state and move their flock with them?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by mprivett, Oct 12, 2012.

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    Hi Folks,

    DH and I know we will eventually be moving back home (to KY) from NC where we are now. It might be a year two, but it will eventually happen (we have been in NC for 6 years). Anyway, we desperately want to take our flock of 9 dominique chickens (might be more later) with us but aren't sure how the logistics of moving them across state lines for an 8 hour trip would work out. Has anyone done this before? Does it stress the birds out too much? Any regulations against it?

    We understand we would have to have a coop and pen probably already set up when we got to whereever we were moving and immediately unload the chickens. DH doesn't think this is doable on a long trip, wonders how we would transport them, etc. Any tips or advice or do we have to start over with a new flock (or only take one or two?)
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    Honestly, it isn't that big of deal. I have seen birds transported to shows and kept for days, then taken home. Fairs too. Good common sense is what is needed. 8 hours is a long time but if you watch your conditions, you should be fine. Make sure they are not over crowded, I use dog crates. Make sure you stop and give them water periodically. Don't put them in the trunk during August. Don't put them on top of the car, although that probably wouldn't kill them....

    Can't answer as to the legality. I would call the county extension agent where you live through where you are going if you advertise that you are taking them, otherwise, I would just load them and take them.

    9 chickens should do nicely in an air conditioned vehicle or back of a pick up truck in 2 large dog crates just fine.

    Good Luck,
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    After moving with horses, dogs and cats I think chickens would be a breeze! You just cage them up and make sure they have water if it's several hours. Cover the cages and keep them as dark as possible to keep the birds calmer. You don't have to stop to water them or potty them or check why they're kicking the back of the trailer over and over and OVER............sounds easy peasy to me!
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    Only legality I can think of, is you might check the stats for th States you ae moving too and driving thru to see if you need your flock NPIPed before you leave. In PA it is free. You get a paper with a number stating you are NPIP. National Poultry Improvement Plan. Your County Extension Agent will know.

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