Anyone need a good cat? LOOK FREE!!!

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    Apr 15, 2008
    Somerset, KY
    My MIL is not able to care for a cat someone gave her recently as she is disabled and can't bend to clean his litter. He is very sweet, just as happy outside as he was inside as long as he can have a rub/hug and someone to talk to. When the garage door is open he'll come and chat with me while I do the laundry. He is an orange tabby around 2 yrs old I think. He must be catching his food because he hasn't been eating much cat food. He hasn't bothered to mess with the chickens at all so far and he'll walk by the ones in the garage and not even glance their way. He needs a good home...If no one wants him I will have to take him to the Humane Society because my DH is not a cat person and our Lab keeps trying to make him his lunch.

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