anyone need an extra owl


9 Years
Apr 7, 2010
Lowndes County Ga
right at dusk tonight I was shutting all my chicken houses and a small owl flew into the house next door to the one I was closing ,
I reached over the fence and shut the door now the owl is a chicken ,, the house was empty , I was cleaning it out for some BCM's next weekend . he's raising sand in there but it's built tight enough to keep him out so it should keep him in . by morning he probably would never come back here , from his size he's probably this years hatch .
heh, i don't think you will have many issues with mice in that coop after his 'visit'!
LOL Already said this on the other owl thread that is up tonight, but send all your owls my way. I love them dearly and all my birds are inside and safe.
I cautiously opened the hen house door this morning and the young owl came out and flew off ,, it looked like a 5 pound dove , never seen an owl fly that fast or straight .
Sounds like he put on his "bat-out-of-hell" suit and streaked away!!!!! Imagine his surprise when he couldn't get out yesterday! I hope he learns never to come back. Even though Owls are natural enemies of the chickens, they are still magnificently beautiful birds and I love them. I hope you got some pictures of him. God bless you for setting him free.

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