Anyone not have a lead hen?


Mar 10, 2018
I have 18 chickens,had more but they pay away.I never really thought to hard on it because it didn’t make sense to me until I read a pecking order article.
I do not have hen in my flock that’s above everyone else,I know them best and spend lots of time with them when I can.
At one point I had a barred hen who is still alive,who was above everybody,until I introduced some bantam Cochin chicks.At around four months I started slowly introducing them and for some odd reason the lead hen randomly submitted to the Cochins,possibilly because there was a cockerel Cochin in the group(She submits to all cockerels once they get to the point she can’t handle,4 or 5 months.)She is about six years and since last spring she has been showing more signs of weakness actually,but nobody’s challenging her.My bantams are nearly the lowest on the totem pole with maybe being able to shove around two or three other big hens depending on which bantam it is.I have had pecking order issues before with two hens who grew up as one.The middle of the hierchy was a NHR hen and A buff who just didn’t ever get along why,I can’t say,this what had the pecking order in scrambles.I currently also have a bantam mix who broods all the time and constantly challenged by our 2 year old NHR hen,but she still can’t be the bantam in altercation.Also have a rooster Cochin who can’t seem to climb the bar with about three other hens in my flock.I also have several Minnie flocks throughout my entire flock.Usulaly groups that grew up together since I have different ages and batches,but I have also had several hens die,which seems to be shaking things up and making everyone kinda stick as one because their partners all passed away (Mostly being all elderly hens).

Seeing as I have no lead hen,is this where my rooster ties things together,so there won’t be a need of a lead hen?
when you have a flock with no rooster a lead hen will take the place of the rooster but when theres a rooster in the flock they are on the top and a lead hen is no longer needed
That’s what I’m saying if anything were to happen to my top,the girls would be lost,they would have arrange everything again
They wouldn't be lost, somebody will step up and take the lead might be your rooster might be a hen. It really depends on who's the most dominant in your flock it isn't always the rooster by default and it isn't always a full sized bird. You may end up with a bantam hen running the show.:)
That’s what I’m saying if anything were to happen to my top,the girls would be lost,they would have arrange everything again

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