Anyone order feed online?

Quackers Mama

5 Years
Aug 8, 2014
Houston, TX
I've been looking to buy Quackers' feed online as I have a hard time getting to a feed store. Amazon doesn't have much, I'm looking to get the Purina Flock Raiser. Amazon has a 5 lb bag for $22.99. Which seems a bit expensive, I've found a 50 lb bag on for $15.47 and $1.95 handling charge.

Has anyone ever ordered from them? Or know what site I can order from? Also Quackers is about 9 weeks old and I see the Flock Raiser comes in crumbles or pellets. Which would be best?
I would go with pellets. I learned that some feed companies make deliveries. There is one about 30 miles away that I could sign up to get a delivery from, because they have other customers in this area who buy by the pallet. Might be worth looking into.
O ok,Thanks now to look for feed companies lol. I was trying to find feed stores using Google but Google seems to be useless now a days with pulling up stuff that's irrelevant to your search.
I'm an Amazon shopaholic and have been stunned at what they charge for duck feed. As you said, Flock Raiser is $22.99 for a 5 pound bag. Our local Ace Hardware has Flock Raiser for $17.49 for a 50 pound bag. (Not a typo. 50 pounds.)

Their are 8 stores in Houston under the Ace Hardware brand, so you might want to call around to those to see if they carry it and if they can ship it to your home. I don't know if you'll have any luck with that since Ace is a franchise and ours is a hybrid hardware/feed store, but it won't hurt to call.
Thanks Amiga, I'll check them out.

Ahh Ace, I have one close by. Thanks Jade I'll call them as soon as they open. Hopefully they'll have some.
Good grief! Why does finding feed have to be so difficult?

The Ace is the same distance as the feed store I was planning on making the 2 hour round trip on the bus to today. The big Tex feed would be a 4 hour trip. Tried looking at their site and couldn't find any duck feed.

Sorry for the vent, im just frustrated Lol.

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