Anyone ordered birds from TSC before?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by awesomefowl, Jan 19, 2011.

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    I imagine they come from a hatchery just like the other Co-op and feed stores. Can you ask which hatchery they come from?

    The chicks from our Co-op come from Sunnyside Hatchery in WI.

    If they have breeds you like, I cant imagine it would be any different than ordering from a hatchery. Other than not paying shipping of course.

    Maybe find out the hatchery and compare TSC prices to the hatchery just to see if you ARE getting a deal? Or maybe TSC will up the price a little to cover the shipping?

    It is a limited selection, but if its cheaper and you like the birds, then I say go for it.
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    My TSC ordered theirs last year from Mt Healthy. It all depends where you are located. It would save you the cost of shipping.

    Hey ~ they actually spelled "Ameraucana" correctly although they are no doubt still Easter Eggers.
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    We ordered our very first chickens last year from TSC(they used Mt. Healthy hatchery), because it was so much easier then, and we were so new. We ordered 25, because we had the room for them, a mix of Cornish X, Plymouth Rocks, New Hampshire Reds, and Gold Laced Wyndottes. They sent 28, and all were healthy and happy. One of the Cornish X's died at about 6 weeks for some reason, but we ended up with 11 of those that we butchered during the summer, and they were a good size and delicious. My girls that are left are hardy, wonderful layers, happy, and curious. We haven't had any health problems with any of them.
    On the other hand, we ordered 15 Jersey Giants, Speckled Sussex, and Barred Rocks in June from a different hatchery, and we only have half of those left. Just never did good from the start.
    I would order again from our TSC, they were very helpful, and the chicks that they had in the store to sell were all very healthy looking, and clean, with food and water available at all times. I know that different stores can be different.
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    If somehow you find a good product at TSC, at a good price, that's fine. But....

    They merely order from a hatchery (ask the manager) just as you can. I like to order directly from the hatchery, myself. I don't see any advantage to using a middle man, who typically marks up the chicks anyhow.
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    The only two advantages I can see is if their prices beat the total price of ordering direct ; or if the local store would give you better/faster service with the possible problems of chicks arriving dead , wrong breed , etc. .

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