Anyone out there own a feed store?


13 Years
May 3, 2010
Elgin, TX
We are considering opening up a feed store in a small rural town in Central Texas. I was wondering if anyone that owns a feed store has any tips for me. Thanks!
Have you ever had a business ? If not go to the small business administration they'll have a lot of free information. They can even get you with some retired business people that will help you out.

Good luck

We know some people that own small businesses so we do know about licensing and all that. We have a location and and the means to lease a building to put on the property. Just need more info about feeds stores. We have also considered other businesses in this location, like a tire and mechanic shop.
Feed stores are tough. There is not a lot of profit from feed, and with the grain producing states being hit hard with bad weather this year, I can see it being even more of a challenge to make a profit. I would love to open a feed store as I have the knowledge (compared to the places that are not feed stores but sell feed) a great location, plus I love farming. I have spoken with two feed store operations and the feed just brings the people in, and hopefully, they will get a sale on something else. Feed has gone up $3.00 here, one bag of layer costs me $15.00 plus tax. Good luck to you, maybe you could contact a feed rep and hear their story, experience or ideas.

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