Anyone put up a net roof in trees??

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    May 29, 2010
    Has anyone ever thought of putting up bird netting or a stronger permanent net up 8-10ft between trees to make a roof? I'm thinking it might help deter hawks, especially with the curtain, since it would mean a more closed in area for the hawk, harder to get in/out and not so easy to maneuver.

    Here is kinda what I'm talking about with a pic of my yard. Hopefully, you can understand what I'm talking about, too.
    White line is where the front 'curtain' would reach to, showing how big an area it is. If you would stand on the white line and look up, you would see the edge/curtain above you. The area would be 4x the size of my current run, 20 by 40ft.
    Pink line is the top of the netting, connecting to the trees.
    Blue line is the sag of the top netting, to look more 'real'.
    Red line is the bottom of the curtain, comes/hangs down from the red/edge.
    Gray vertical lines show the curtain hanging.

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    I hung bird netting under one tree and stretched it out quite a ways beyond it with U posts to cover a HUGE garden.

    But I have since taken it down for winter, since the snow will bring it down. Make SURE you use netting that can withstand a snow load. One of my pens is covered in 2" poultry wire above, and the snow fell through it fine.

    Also the leaves fall into the netting, and you have to give it a little "punch" from underneath to get them off.

    I have seen heavy ?knotted netting for sale here and here:

    But I don't know if they are ok for snow in reality. There were some other threads on netting you could search for if you want to.

    A hawk will fly in at the edge and eat a chicken on the ground if he can catch it. You might also want to give your chickens some range shelters, such as two pallets nailed together to make an A-frame. Or lean a pallet against something else. Or put culverts out.

    Anything they can duck into and escape out the other side if a hawk tries to swoop them. The netting will help some, IMO. But hawks like to sit and study my netting. My girls have been given range shelters now for winter except for the pen with the chicken wire.
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    May 29, 2010
    Quote:My run is made mostly of deer netting, side and top, so I know about leaves. I had to shake the net from one side to the other where I could easily toss most of them off. It's just annoying if you don't get a chance to do it before rain, lol.

    I guess if it really doesn't help with hawks, I should just set up hide outs, like you say.
    Do you have any pics of these and the nets you have? Thanks!
  4. ChickensAreSweet

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    If you look carefully in my pics I posted today- you will see things leaning up against tin roofing, pallets, boards pieces of plastic to give them something to hide under:

    My netting is down for winter- the pen with the chicken wire on top....hmmm I think I didn't capture the wire on top in my photos.
    No, I did- 1st picture, post #16.
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