Anyone raise seabrights?


Dec 21, 2017
I've been looking into the seabright breed and I think they are so adorable and I would love to add 2 to my flock to make it complete but im worried my big girls will pick on them due to their size.. Has anyone mixed these in with thier big girls? I currently have 3 Br's 2 black australorps and 2 EE's. The BRs are the pushy ones but my girls are not full grown yet so they're still doing some sorting out in their pecking order. Im not sure if that makes a difference since i am very new to raising chicks. Please i welcome any and all advice and opinions!!!
I've raised 6 Sebrights, good birds. :) They mesh beautifully with my mixed flock of everything from Marans and Wyandottes, to Old English Game bantams and d'Uccles. From my experience, size has very little to do with anything as the smaller breeds have been served an extra portion of 'TUDE! :p They know how to keep larger flockmates in line! You should be perfectly fine introducing bantams into your family, just as long as you use proper integration protocol. :) And, if you're worried, keep an eye on everybody. :D


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