Anyone Raise their chicks outside?


9 Years
Nov 25, 2010
Orem, Utah.
My dad's been complaining that my brooders make the basement smell really bad. He says that I have to put them outside. Does anyone have their chicks in a little coop outside? Can I see them? I need some ideas and maybe we can build them an awesome home on the back porch.
That's a nice design thanks
I'll have to consider doing somehting similar.
Before my broodies took over and started supplying me with all the chicks I needed (which they raise in the coop with the rest of the flock) I brooded chicks on the screened porch.

All chicks require is food, water, protection from predators and temps. appropriate for their age. There's nothing written down anywhere that says they have to be brooded indoors.
I've been keeping my brooder (cardboard box) in the kitchen on the floor. But since we're getting some early summer temps in the 80's already, I've let the chickies out on the lawn and patio a few times to scratch and eat bugs. They seem to love it, so I think as soon as their feathers all come in, they'll be kicked out of the kitchen for good!
During the summer, my chicks go outside pretty much right away, because it stays in the 80-100 degree range all the time. I keep them in plastic boxes with lids made of screen right now, I'm working on building brooder cages in my coop so I can raise chicks year round without having them in the house.
I use a large dog crate out on my car port. I put cardboard along the sides to keep out drafts, and as they get older, I remove the cardboard. Mine did fine out in the crate even when temps went down to 45.

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