Anyone seen Tetanus in a chicken?


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Apr 23, 2014
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Found my wonderful Dominique rooster lying on his back almost dead under the perch 2 days before Christmas.
He was starving & dehydrated. Forced water & ground corn in him and he came back to life.
Found a 1/2" toothpick size rotten splinter in his face. I only got a quarter of it out.
The joints in his right wing (same side as splinter) are locked tight. Other than that he seems perfectly fine.
Everything I read about Tetanus says that the serum must be administered immediately to be effective.
Once the bacteria gets a foot hold in the joint it's hard to cure. I was keeping him in my bedroom & only letting him drink water with ground up vitamin C & honey in it & massaging his wing & trying to loosen up the joints. They were starting to get loose & he really wants to be with the girls so I put him back outside. Now Jan 11 his joints are still locked up.
Has anyone seen this in a chicken? Thanks Rick


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From what I understand, there is no cure for tetanus once it is contracted, but it can be controlled with antibiotics. Tetanus is a bacteria. I would get him on some Penicillin injections. This may help loosen him up a bit. They will get a lot of muscle spasms too with tetanus. Magnesium Sulfate or Epsom Salts might help if you were to get a tiny bit of this into him each day to help with muscle spasms.

But yes, it wouldn't hurt to get some Penicillin in him as well. Even if this isn't tetanus, you should give something a try to see if you can get him back out to his flock.

Good luck!

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