Anyone set with me this weekend? Set 28 October - Hatching 18 November

I am doing my first set and have started it today! 3 dominque, 3 buff opington and an experimental 24 pheasant cross (Black Sex Link, ISA Brown Pullet, Araucana). I put them in a Little Giant still air incubator that i modified with a computer fan.
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I set the 20th, so I will be hatching around the 10th. Plus i have an acidental egg hatching this week. Not sure when. close enough to be in lockdown i think. good luck everyone.
I just set today! Never did this before, and with homemade incubator. Just set 5 Cochin eggs and one RIR . I've got a black silkie rooster and my neighbor's blue andalusian mate also, so we'll see what, if any, come out of this hatching!
I set some last night and the night before :) 1 Ancona/Silkie mix, 1 Polish/Silkie mix, 1 mystery, and 3 RIR. They are under my broody hen Kiki.
I will be following this thread, i made one of my own threads about setting on the 18th as well- have a geeze!!! I have 4 Minorca fertile eggs and 2 White Leghorn fertile eggs under my Sussex Broody hen (6 fertile eggs in all) and 6 Minorca fertile eggs, 4 White Leghorn fertile eggs and 1 Lavender Blue Araucana fertile egg (11 fertile eggs in all) under my Red Sex-Link (Isa Brown) broody hen (17 eggs all up).
out of curiosity, anyone of you candle yet? This is my first time. When should we candle? Should we be in a dark room? I tried to candle today but don't know what I'm looking for and I8 think it's to early, I hope, cause i don't know if anything is happening in my eggs. Yolk looks large and dark but reddish in middle and yellow around edge and these are Cochin eggs so they aren't white they are tinted and a bit speckled:?
I candled two sets today. One is 6-7 days along and the other is 3 days along. The ones that were 6-7 days along were from Dominique and Buff Opington so they were brown, but not too dark. It looks like 5/6 had veins. In the 24 mixed variety that are on day 3, I was only able to notice any growth in the Barred Rock (tan eggs) and White Leghorn (white eggs). I also have Brown Pullets that have very dark shells and I am still unable to tell a difference. I believe that darker the egg, the longer you need to wait to see growth.

I'm not familiar with cochin eggs. If they're light colored, you may be able to see some changes. My set that is 3 days along had a small spider-like vein growing. That's what you should be seeing.

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