anyone tried this feeder?


9 Years
Dec 15, 2013
San Antonio, Texas
Anyone tried this kinda style... looks like itd work fairly well if holes were a bit raised up and smaller maybe? I want to try it my own way... but they cant scratch it out... just wondering...


Cut the bottom off a milk jug and use it as a funnel.. id think itd last a week or so at least... with the birds i have itd last way more than a week... if it worked well and didnt waste a lot..
I think it will work just great for the small flock owner. I would even recommend it.

But for the flock owner that feeds 50 pounds of feed every day. It might be too time consuming. . . .

If, I was going to use this feeder, I would remove the bottom of the water jug and leave it permanently in the bucket, then fill it with a large scoop to save time.......
that is perfect. I am going to try it right now with some soda bottles / soft drink bottles and scissors
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