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Anyone up for an experiment??

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by Quail_Antwerp, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Quail_Antwerp

    Quail_Antwerp [IMG]emojione/assets/png/2665.png?v=2.2.7[/IMG]Mrs

    Aug 16, 2008
    I am getting between 5-10 eggs a day, sometimes more. I have a mixed flock of hens (3 barred rocks, 2 buff rocks, 1 partridge rock, 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes, 1 Buff Orpington, and 1 Americauna, and about ten red sex-link hens). The roos I have seen them with are my Buff Orpinton and my Americauana and a Speckled Sussex.

    Now I do not have an incubator to hatch eggs in, and I am really really dying to know if these guys will hatch or not?

    So would anyone be willing to try to hatch some out? I won't charge for the eggs if you would be willing to just cover the shipping. I would ship 6+ eggs to anyone who would be willing to try hatching.

    If not, then I guess I will wait until I have my 'bator and try myself. [​IMG]

  2. ginasmarans

    ginasmarans Songster

    Jan 15, 2007
    West Tn
    That's a generous offer from you. Someone is bound to snap it up.
  3. Tripp

    Tripp Songster

    Jun 4, 2008
    Munford, TN
    I am up for an expierment let me know what you would like to do?

  4. TanksHill

    TanksHill In the Brooder

    Jul 22, 2008
    Vista, Ca.
    Forgive me for sounding so lame, but can't you let our girls try to hatch them? I did this early this summer. Brought in some eggs form my sister in law. Had one hatch no human help at all. Just my .02
  5. Quail_Antwerp

    Quail_Antwerp [IMG]emojione/assets/png/2665.png?v=2.2.7[/IMG]Mrs

    Aug 16, 2008
    Quote:If I had a broody hen, I would, but they haven't shown any signs of wanting to hatch any babies themselves, and my curiousity is just killing me to see what kind of babies would come out of this mixed flock.
  6. ginbart

    ginbart Crowing

    Mar 9, 2008
    Bloomsburg, PA
    I would love to try for you, BUT I don't need any more chickens. I'm a RIR kind of person. LOL Hope it works out for you. [​IMG]
  7. Quail_Antwerp

    Quail_Antwerp [IMG]emojione/assets/png/2665.png?v=2.2.7[/IMG]Mrs

    Aug 16, 2008
    I am no longer looking for help with this experiment. I have 4 people willing to give it a try to hatch some of my girls eggs.

    Once we see how they go, I may offer up some more at a later date.

    Thank you very much to the 4 people willing to try hatching these eggs!!


  8. SterlingAcres

    SterlingAcres Songster

    Apr 17, 2008
    Poconos, PA
    Good luck [​IMG] Be sure to update us.
  9. Quail_Antwerp

    Quail_Antwerp [IMG]emojione/assets/png/2665.png?v=2.2.7[/IMG]Mrs

    Aug 16, 2008
    Quote:Thank you! I am hoping that once everyone has their eggs and they are in the 'bators that we can start a thread documenting their progress. I really hope they each have a good hatch, or at least hatch something.
  10. americana-chick

    americana-chick Songster

    Jun 18, 2008
    oh i wish i could give it a try! i would have loved to hatch some babies!
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008

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