anyone use a ceramic reptile heater?

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  1. I was at Petsmart buying hamster food and browsing the bird and reptile sections (what cute birdie toys!). With the red heat lamps, they had round ceramic heaters that screw in just like a light bulb. I thought that was pretty nifty, not emitting light and all. Has anyone used one? They are 150 watts. I thought they might be better than the 250 watter, which I heard is very hot for brooders in a regular house, and that it would be nice so the babies could have a natural night (though I'd still use a night light for the first couple days so they could find the food and water).
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    It seems like many people on this site use these. I dont like the price tho.
  3. I found them on Ebay for about half of what Petsmart is selling them at. That's more palatable. [​IMG]
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    Oh and recomends them
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    We use them, I don't think they throw the heat as good as the red heat lamps, but husband likes them and they do work. We had one break, not sure why it broke but it did and then one was really crooked and didn't work. You have to use a ceramic fixture with a guard for them, not the plastic ones according to the paper work in the box.
  6. I think I might try it. It's pretty warm in the spare bedroom anyway and I thought 250wt would be way overkill. I realy like the idea of not using light, as well. They sell sets of two on Ebay, with the fixture. I'm glad because Petsmart is so overpriced! [​IMG]
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    I have one and use it. Supposedly, they never burn out...that is why they are a bit pricey. I like it. Mine is 150 watts too. I alternate it with my 250 watt red bulb when the nights aren't too cold and I just want a little heat.
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  8. Quote:Also look at...

    I know I get mine from them because they have them for great prices. They also last a long time. You can get the fixture at your Home Depot. They have them for the best price.

    Make sure the screw in for the bulb is ceramic not plastic on the fixture or you will have serious problems!
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    I use one. Works pretty good for a baby brooder - I have it set up now in my coop just in case we drop down to below zero again.

    I purchased the ceramic one mostly so I wouldn't be creating more light for the chicks, I wanted them to get used to the dark and to know the difference between night and day......

    They were tiny little things when they would start to roost when it got dark in the spare room where I kept them - it was very cute to see.....

    I would recomend using the ceramic one over a light.
  10. Thanks, Wild, I'm definitely ordering one. Very cool!

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