Anyone use a storage shed to use as a coop?


9 Years
May 10, 2010
Since my husband broke his wrist, refurbishing our old coop is just out of the question right now and the girls are 6 weeks old today. So he ended up buying a 10 x 12 storage shed to use a coop for our 6 girls, with the possibility splitting it up for eventual ducks. Any advice of how to go about outfitting one of these to make the perfect coop?
Add necessary ventilation, for sure. Maybe a window, or vents higher up on the walls. Look at all the interior pictures here of what people have done for nest boxes and roosts and pop doors- there are great ideas here. Good luck, I wish my DH would just buy me a shed. . . .
My husband "remodeled" my 8x12 shed into my coop. He added an inside wall made of 2x4s and chicken wire . It has a people size door to access the girls area. this "wall is about 2 feet in from the main door and gives me a storage area for my feed and wood chips this way. He added 2 windows for ventilation. Also tacked on to the side near the back a pop up door for the chickens. On the side of the coop that has the pop up door he attached a 8 x 12 foot totally enclosed fenced in run complete with another people door. Works great!
Our coop is a purchased shed. For nine years the only alterations were a popdoor for the chickens cut into the back, a bar to roost on and three nestboxes nailed to the wall. This spring, I cut a second popdoor on the other side and made two panels of framed chicken wire mounted on hinges to divide the coop in half. The panels are on hinges to allow access to the other side and to swing open for cleaning. Also I made an exterior nest box (definitely should've done that nine years ago!)
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I have an old metal 8X10 shed that I am going to convert into our main coop. I will keep the smaller one I just built as a Brooder/Isolation coop. The changes I intend to make are removing the sliding doors and framing in a standard door, Linoleum flooring, nesting boxes, roosts, pop door, recycled storm windows and some ventilation. I will be putting a 25x10 run on the coop as well.
Hi All, I Am Converting A Shed Thats Attached To The The Rear Of My House. Its 6x12 8 Foot Slooped Roof. I Added A 3x4 Double Paned Window Facing Has A People Door Facing Far So Good. My Question Is .I Also Want To Add A Hoop Run,but The Space Is About 8 Feet Away From The Coop.south Do I Get The Chickens From The Coop To The Hoop And Back? Some Kind Of Tunnel?i Have 4 Month OLD Chickens. Soon Need To Move Them From Wading Pool In Garage. Coop Almost Done. Help Thanks , Ps The Coop Area Is About 3 Feet Higher Then The Hoop Space. SORRY JUST REMEMBERD.BECAUSE THE COOP IS ATTACHED TO MY HOUSE I NOT SURE HOW TO VENT.THE WINDOW OPENS,NOT SURE THATS ENOUGH.
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