Anyone use or thoughts on this nesting box

Looks OK. 5 gal. plastic pails make perfect nests and are usually free. Just cut a half moon piece about 1/3 of the openeing out of scrap lumber and screw in place. Make however many you need and place on a rack and secure. EZ!!
I really like the idea of attaching to the wall and does not take up any floow space. I do like the bucket idea but does it cut thier feet at all
That is COOL. Thanks for sharing.

Mine are 15 wks old and I haven't desided what to do for nest boxes yet. I was considering the cat box idea but they would get on top of that because it's flat on top. Also considered tubs or anything else that would be easy to take out and hose down.

Thanks again - I LOVE it.

Update us if you do get one or more and let us know how you like it.
Looks like a plastic garbage bin that can be drilled to the wall and have a hole cut in it. The roost on the front wouldn't be hard to make. Much cheaper way of getting the same product.
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There are no sharp edges at all. Nests should be in a quiet dark corner so will have their own space anyway. My nests are in a 4x5' cubby corner I made for the purpose of nesting. The hens love it and I have not found any eggs anywhere else, even outside. I know they do not lay outside as the egg count is consistent.

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