Anyone ? use the Kindle?


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13 Years
Jun 11, 2009
lately i have been reading alot. and i have been thinking about buying a kindle. the one from amazon. Well, I finally did it. its also got wifi, (not sure how good thats going to be) but i really wanted a light traveling book. Any feedback on those of you who have one? thanks in advance!
If you search, there's already a long thread on here somewhere about this... but I do have the kindle, LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Zero complaints. I can even listen to audiobooks on it that I buy from Search for the thread though, there's already a lot on that one.
Now that I opened my mouth I can only find a couple of short threads.... I'm sure there was a long one. Either with the title "kindle" or "ereaders", something like that. See if you can find it before you have this one closed.
I love my kindle and the wi-fi (what Amazon calls whispernet) works well.

I've used it to get on BYC before, in a pinch.
I love my kindle though more recently my husband has been using it more than I have. I love that I can bring it along anywhere and have hundreds of books to choose from (thousands, if I want to buy something new). I also like having the kindle app on my phone. If I am somewhere and don't have my kindle with me, I can still read anything in my archives. Fantastic!
Also I just discovered that by buying a $3.00 audio cord online I can connect my Kindle to my stereo and listen to mp3's and audiobooks through the better stereo sound! Like if I'm cleaning and want to listen at a louder volume.

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