Anyone using a brooder light for heat for hens?

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  1. CowgirlPenny

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    Feb 17, 2011
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    Going to be winterizing my coop tomorrow so its much warmer for winter. My husband asked about putting a light bulb in for warmth that would hang just about a foot over where they roost. I told him a white light would not work because they would bother each other all night. They can see the light from our back porch flood lights all night and I often find them curled up sleeping not paying any attention. Could I put a 250W red light bulb in their old brooder light and hang it in there for warmth? Any other ideas for heat source other than a heater?
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  2. pips&peeps

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    You really don't need in any heat in your part of the country. If it got below 20, I would consider it, but your gals should be fine without it.

    There are also a few posts about people who have burned their coops down on accident using a heat lamp.
  3. CowgirlPenny

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    Feb 17, 2011
    South East TN
    I'm not too worried about burning it down, we broodered them in there this spring so the brooder light is hung really secure and since its so close to our house, we have a smoke detector in it. I guess I just feel bad. I would never ever leave a dog outside in the winter's we have without some serious bedding, covered doghouse and maybe a heated floor LOL, I hate that they are just sitting out there cold. [​IMG]

    I'm thinking of a way to keep their water from freezing. My husband suggested sitting their waterer on a heating pad to atleast keep what's in the bottom and flowing out from freezing into ice.
  4. JackE

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    You do not need any added heat sources for the chickens. They can handle cold weather. The front of my coop is open year round. On the coldest days the chickens can be found right up front, Not huddling and hiding from the cold in the back. As far as your waterer goes. You can build a cookie tin water heater, powered by a 40W bulb, for under $5. Do a search for it and check it out. Worked great for me last winter.

  5. gale65

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    It's best not to give them heat unless you get a crazy cold night or something (like the PP mentioned, 20 below or so). If you do heat them, they won't become acclimated to the cold as well and in the case of a burned out bulb, loss of power, etc, they will not be able to keep themselves warm like they would if they had been able to become accustomed to the cold weather naturally.
  6. stgordon2

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    Aug 26, 2011
    I used a red heat lamp in my chicken yard for the longest time to let my hens Se to get food
    and not for warmth. I also used it during the winter on 12 hour days to give them 14 hrs of light for laying

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