Anyone want to adopt or temporarily foster a sweet cat? South NJ

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    We found a very sweet male cat that someone apparently dumped on our college campus. I'm fairly certain this was the case as pets are not allowed on campus and either someone had him as an "illegal" pet and got in trouble, or someone just couldn't care for him and they let him loose. The college campus is HUGE (About 1640 acres, so it's doubtful that he got loose and wandered away. We live in a remote area of the pinelands)

    Anyways, this cat is a male, orange tabby and is the sweetest thing. He's a little skinny, but looks to be healthy otherwise. He probably needs some updated shots, but it looks like he's been neutered and he is declawed. He loves to be pet and will follow you all around. He uses the litter box and he's been ravenous as far as appetite goes. He would make an awesome pet and I want to see him go to a good home. He would definitely be an indoor only cat.

    I am not supposed to have him on campus, but I got approval to keep him until this weekend. On Sunday, I will probably end up bringing him to a shelter. However, if someone is willing to foster him for a little bit or even adopt him, I can work with you to find a home for him. I live in North Jersey and might know a few people interested in adopting. I just can't get home for another couple of weeks.

    I'd be willing to meet you some where off campus, or if you live close to the school (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey) I can meet you somewhere on campus.
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