Anyone want to do test run of hatching eggs?


12 Years
Jan 5, 2008
Im beyond curious, and I CANNOT incubate chicks right now. Is anyone interested in a free batch of hatching eggs from a nice Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Rooster and 2 white and two blue Auracauna hens? Im really curious what you'd get... Just pay shipping, and I'll send you a dozen. Must post or e-mail pics of the peeps.
I'd love to if you don't have a definite taker, yet. I have Pay Pal and could pay immediately for shipping.
I'll take some too, if you have enough. I have paypal.
And one little BLRW chick that I hatched out of a dozen...
Please count me in for a future small batch if possible - say shipping around April 6th? I am just finishing up a batch in the incubator now. Would you consider a run of 6 eggs. Thanks!
Okay- when do you want to start collecting? It will take me, oh, probably 4 days to collect a dozen.

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