Anyone want to swap me some eggs?

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  1. I have the following eggs to trade will do the entire group or split it up:

    6+ Muscovy duck (chocolate pied and black/white pied)
    6+ EE's
    4+ Light Brahmas

    Will consider trades for:

    Sultan bantam eggs
    Cream Brabanter eggs
    Standard Salmon Faverolle eggs
    Black Sumatra Eggs (bantam or standard)
    Sebastopol eggs

    I'll consider other kinds/types/breeds, just let me know what you've got...but I perfer rare or critical breeds....

    I'm hoping these will go out in the next or they don't go to waste, my incubators are full for the next week or so....
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    Dec 23, 2007
    Blountville , TN
    i have mixed layers
    they lay the size of a duck!!
  3. GEEZ, duck sized eggs? OUCH! LOL

    I'm only looking for purebred birds as I sell hatching eggs and can only keep a few breeds with the one coop (soon to be two coops) I have...although I may get some more bantam breeds, later on if I can find a way to make little banty houses & convince my hubby that they are not "worthless." [​IMG]
  4. All I have are RIR eggs but I have never sent any out. Wouldnt know where to start but if you are intersted in them let me know and you can walk me through the process LOL!
  5. Quote:Have anything more rare & unique? [​IMG] I perfer to stick with rare breeds or breeds on the "critical list." I have good layers with my Brahmas....

    I may be interested though in 4 or so of your eggs...for 4 or so of my eggs...what are you interested in that's on my list?
  6. I like the EE's but I am planning on getting some Ameracaunas soon. I can still send you some of mine though if you get interested in them one day I will always have some.
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  7. The Buttercups are gone.


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