Anyone want to trade silkie/showgirl eggs?


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Dec 16, 2008
I have white and partridge silkie/showgirls all in the same pen. I would like to trade for buff or blue
, but any other color than what i have would be fine. I have 14 eggs ready to go out.

I have blue and splash chicks, already hatched... no eggs to trade. Hatch me out a partridge showgirl roo! Either that, or let me hatch some, and cherry pick a roo and you can have the others back.
Ok deal! I have a batch of 18 hatching on the 15th. Lets see how the hatch goes and we'll go from there. How old are your chicks? Are they silkies or showgirls? I am also cool with letting you hatch some and you can take your pick. Whatever you want to do. I'm in Norco all the time.

I have a broody that has been setting on an empty nest (well, I empty it every day, lol, usually three or four "broody" eggs, which I consider dog food) and would be happy to slide a dozen under her. She has hatched eggs for me before, marans, so I'm sure she can hatch some silkeis. My silkies ... I don't keep records, sorry to say, They are old enough to have spikey feathers sticking out of their topknots. I could go back and see when my auction ended, count three week from then, and that is when they hatched...
Are you going to be around tomorrow? I can swing them by sometime if you are. Let me know.

I have to go out to Perris and do a multi-dimensional, cross species, multi owner beastie swap, and trade cockatiels, return roos, pick up dog, deliver to new owner, plus it is trash day and general poop scooping day, so... how are you looking for Tuesday? Mondays are generally a bust for me because all paperwork is due for the week, and of course I put that off until Monday morning... LOL.
Tuesday should be fine. If anything comes up before then I will send you a PM. Talk to you soon.

Yes I had a thread up for a dozen for sale. They are $12 a dozen plus $10 for priority shipping. So $22 shipped plus a couple extra eggs.


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