Anyone want to vent about Feed Store Mixups???!!

The only feed store that sells chicks down here that I can get to is OK feeds. The conditions and handling that their birds go through are terrible! I went there about two years ago, and in the chick cages there were dead birds that the others were stepping on, everyone was crammed together... ugh. And the quality is just terrible.
ETA I remembered something else... i bought three white leghorn pullets, two were roos.
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I once ordered silkies and got a bunch of D'uccles instead. I wasn't too happy, but the D'uccles were soooooo sweet I didn't complain.
I purchased 9 "pullets" from the pullet pen, they all grew up to be beautiful Br and Australorp ROOS...what are the chances, they didn't know how old, where they came from or what they were...that was my intro to chickens last year. We raised them , sold them/gave away and started all over....NOW I have some pullets thanks goodness! UGH!
We decided to start with 12 chicks. We got 10 from our local tractor supply and 2 from a friend. We paid extra to have pullets instead of straight run. We now have 4 roos from the 10 that were said to be pullets. And we didnt want any roos! Now what do we do?
We sold our roos at a local livestock good money for them too. A friend took one. Craigslist? Good luck, I feel your pain!
I took pictures of them last night and I am planning on putting them up on Craigslist! Just so mad i paid extra for something we didnt want! two of them are so pretty i wish my husband would let me keep one!

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