anyone watch deadilest catch

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    Before I start if I am not to post this here moderator please delete it

    There is a deckhand Kieth Anderson his dad went missing about year ago I thought since there is so many one here from all over maybe someone might of seen him

    this is what he looks like

    If you can't help maybe you would like to donate OK not making anyone feel guilty here and this is not on to make you feel like you should or anything but some feel they can't do anything they may want to help with a donation. Don't feel you have to.

    I can't wait to have the next season on but sadly the Cornelia marie may not be in the running it seems the boys has had a fight but they will be on differnt boats sadly they have conflicts but it is like any other family. Their father was not a favorite but I thought he was a goosd man and on the last time he was on the show I think he knew his time was coming to a end.

    I hope they will keep Phil Harris in the intro I was a interesting person. I felt as sad as they did when the croc hunter died and when Dale Sr died thought not in my familt I felt sad that their time came.

    I hope maybe someone out there can help and has seen him, I personally think he has amnesia and in a hospital somewhere not a hospital for being hrut like a car crash they found blood in the truck it could be he got hit on the head and knock out and the people thought they killed him and ran but they didn't and he has wondered off. I don't know I just seem to feel this. But he could be anywhere so I hope someone may have a clue or have seen him.


    If this was my father and someone was reaching out for me to find him I would want someone to keep a eye out so if they did see him he could be found. Wheather it be in the street or hospital or anywhere you never know where it could be.
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    I like all the shows you mentioned. My feelings are that the fellow's poor dad has been murdered. He's probably lying in a shallow grave somewhere.......Very sad. Heartbreaking for the family too, not knowing what happened has got to be so hard on the family.

    I really am sad that Steve Irwin, the croc hunter was killed in that tragic accident with the sting ray. A freak accident really. His show was so entertaining and he had a lovely family.

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