ANyone with a Brinsea OCT 20 Advance?! Please help...


10 Years
Apr 13, 2009
Valley Center, CA
I am on day 19 - increased my humidity last night - all was good it was 70% on the reading. When I came home today - the reading said 8% - BUT there is now an asterisk next to the 'H'. according to the manual this is the reading when using the Humidity Pump. I DONT HAVE THE HUMPIDITY PUMP - so why has my Brinsea suddenly decided to read that i do have a pump.

Can anyone help? I tried resetting it by turning it on & off & pressing the OK button - but it still reads for the humidity pump. Now i have no idea what my hum is at?
Anyone know how to change it back to a manual humidity reading?

Thanks for reading....

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