Anything I need to Know about raising Bobwhite Quail


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Oct 18, 2012
I just got 9 Bobwhite quails, They are 2 weeks old and their are 2 males and 7 females. Does any body have any Info on how to raise them

Thanks in advance


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Mar 21, 2011
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Congrats on the new baby Bobs!

They are not kept like Coturnix quail as far as when in breeding mode. Bobwhites are paired off male to female and generally mate for life to one mate. They are very aggressive and territorial and during breeding season, April thru September, the pairs will need to be kept separate from each other as they will kill each other. During the off season, October thru March, they will enjoy coveying up all together to spend the winter together.

They require about 4 square feet per bird. They are hardy and can handle temps below freezing. They do not like to be handled and appreciate branches and hidey places in their environment to keep them calm. If you start early enough with them, they will become friendly enough to eat from your hand.

Other than that, they are raised like any other quail. Enjoy!

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