Anything other than riboflavin defiency cause walking on hocks??


Mar 29, 2015
I have a chick, right around 72 hours old..spent it's first 18 hours or so in the hatcher, then moved to brooder with a mama hen heating pad and seems pretty healthy over all..when it first hatched, it looked like it was lifting it's leg/foot higher than its wing and kept getting caught up in the wing (it's only the right leg).. I shrugged it off as new born imbalance..however it's continued and now the lil guys hock is red and surely sore..I wrapped the hock in loose vet wrap, and made him a wrap like one would do for spraddle legs..however it's not doing any better..I've had soft scrambled eggs with vitamins in the brooder since the very first minute and assumed that if it were a riboflavin defiency, that it would be correcting by now??
Any one have any other ideas, advice, shots in the dark? I already had to put down one chick from this hatch who's yolk expelled itself after hatch and would lOVE to not have to put this guy down..but open to any reasonable ideas..I only have 4 chicks in this hatch, so I can devote some time to doctoring if needed..thanks in advance ♡

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