APA Standard of Perfection

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  1. savannahchickmom

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    We are starting a breeding program for endangered breeds, and I am looking for one of these, or at least an excerpt initially on Yokohamas & Buckeyes.
    Thank you!
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    You can get the SOP from here.
    If you want excerpts, the breed clubs will most likely have that available.
    Good luck on your breeding program!
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    You can order the American Standard of Perfection from the American Poultry Association.

    If you plan on showing your birds, this book is extremely helpful on understanding how judges will judge your bird verses others of the same breed and other breeds. Also if you are wanting to breed according to the standard than this book will give you the more specific details than just what the colors accepted and general breed information. The front section talks in detail about specific traits: comb, wattles, shanks, toes, feathers, color, defects, type, tail carriage, disqualifications, etc just to name a few.

    We started a breeding program for Ameraucana chickens in 2010. We did not have a full understanding of the "type" that we hear judges refer to until we bought our own copy of the American Standard of Perfection. It also helps to ask questions of other show people including judges. We have found that those in the Poultry Exhibition Industry love sharing their knowledge of the breeds they raise or have raised.

    Hope that helps you and good luck in your breeding program. We had Buckeye last year but because we only had hens and they were not the right color, we chose to sell them. We also had Yocohomas chicks but chose to pass on that breed as well. Hope you have lots of success in raising them and that you enjoy them.

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  4. savannahchickmom

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    Sep 10, 2010
    Savannah, Missouri
    Thank you for responding! I had looked at the APA site. I was just hoping to save a little money initially by being nosy & asking what the standard calls for. Have a great week!

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