Apocalypse Chicken Flock Adventures


In the Brooder
Apr 8, 2020
Columbia, SC
I have been having fun watching my chickens grow. I just did the math and they are nearly 3 months old already!!

They all have their own personalities and make me laugh every day. Except for when they choose to eat my veggie garden even though they have a backyard with tons of plants and dirt to eat and enjoy.

They are named after the 4 henchmen of the apocalypse since they are my apocalypse chickens!

Sadly Plague my barred rock Rooster crowed today so I have to get rid of him :( He is so handsome and I love him though.

Famine is a barred rock hen and she loves to jump on my back like a parrot while I work in my yard

Pestilence is a production red hen and she is so ditzy. Sometimes she will be pecking the ground and not notice the rest of the group has moved elsewhere in the yard and gets panicked, scrambling to get to the others!

Death is a black star hen and she lives up to her name. She does her own thing and doesn't prefer to be touched. She loves dust baths.

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